YOREX Regional Product Fair, is an organisation based on introducing globally or nationally of food products, handmade arts and industrial products that has been named after their produced region.

YOREX Regional Product Fair have the following objectives:
• To support commercialization of regional products,
• To brand of regional products,
• To raise worth of regional products,
• To improve the manufacturer companies’ economical value,
• To attribute regional products.…


• To prevent downfall of regional products against imported products,
• To help widen the market recognition of regional products that has been stuck in local market,
• To encourage and certificate the regional products that has been named after its origin region but hasn’t been registered yet,
• To strenghten the qualities of the leading instutition of intruducing their regional products globally and locally for out chambers and stock exchanges,
• To prepare and improve collaboration of chambers and stock exchanges for commercialise their regional products,
• To ensure share and interaction of cultural elements and regional values on the focus of regional products,
• To raise commerical market values and volumes of regional products for improve employment and immigration of the region,
• To ensure continuation of YOREX Regional Products Fair globally and nationally…


Product: All regional products are within YOREX Regional Products Fair especially like Finike Orange, Amasya Apple, Erzurum Jet, Silecloth, Hereke Carpet, Afyon Marble, Adana Kebab.
Partipicant: All instutitions and companies that supports regional producer companies or having members of such companies are within YOREX Regional Products Fair especially stock exchanges, sea trade exhanges, trade and industry chambers having services in cities and districts.
Visitor: All visitors that having interest of regional products that has been patended or not are within YOREX especially suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, hotel managers, importers, exporters.

Why You Should Join?

Chambers and Exchanges;
• To be pionner of presentation for their locally produced or growed regional products,
• To share knowledge and experience between other chambers and exchanges,
• Yöresel ürünlerin ticarileşmesi konusunda girişimcilere ve üreticilere rehber olmak için,
• To be a guide of entrepreneurs and producers about their regional products’ commercialization.
• For those who produces their regional products for local markets, this fair can be the chance to open up their products national and globally,
• To weave new ways for their invesment plans,
• To have the chance for registration of their regional products,
• To catch occasion of being partners and cooperation with local and foreign entrepreneurs.
• To have the chance to access the producers and their products from all around Anatolia without going distant places,
• To see Turkey’s first and the biggest regional products presentation organisation and have the chance recognition of regional products.